Frequently Asked Questions

1.- What's this webpage?
This page was created to organize and display all of my projects, so that pepole interested in Speculative Evolution can see them.

2.- How many projects do you have?
I'm actually working in one project (Hakemuo: Wildlife from the Greenhouse Earth), and when I finish it, I'll start another project, called planet safari.

3.- Those creatures in your projects actually exist/are going to exist?
We don't know. This projects are about speculative evolution, and as the name suggests, this creatures and worlds are all speculation, based on scientific facts about evolution and natural selection, and everything in it is hypothetical.

4.- Did you came up with all this ideas all by yourself?
No. That would be impossible. I have a bunch of friends that are helping, giving me some of the ideas so that I can incorporate them into the projects.

5.- Can I give you ideas about this projects?
Yes you can. Just send them to me throughout this mail ( I'll check them and if I like them, they're in.

6.- You didn't accepted my idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you burn in HELL!!!!!!
I need to be selective with the ideas I recive. I need to choose only the accurate ones, because we want this project(s) to be the best project(s) out there.

7.- Does the downloadable files in the projects have any kind of virus/spyware, or any other type of damaging software?
Of course not!!!